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La vuelta al teide v edition


7th may

The emblematic ride Gran Fondo cycloturist Vuelta al Teide #VTEIDE celebrates its 5th edition.


170 km with 4,400 meters of gained altitude

half vuelta al teide

90 km with 2,000 meters of gained altitude

Important Notes

General rules

Before participating ina Gran Fondo ride you have to review the general rules as well as you can.


It goes through different roads with some of the most beautiful in Tenerife, including Masca and the Teide’s National Park.


The 7th may 2022, on Saturday, it is going to be celebrated the 5th edition of VUELTA AL TEIDE which is starting in Puerto de la Cruz at 7.00 am and it is finishing in Los Realejos.

cut-off times

The time limits are calculated in order to finish the race in the maximum time established for each modality. Those participants who exceed the limit set, will not be allowed to continue the race.

refreshment points

Despite of the race VUELTA AL TEIDE is in “Selft-Sufficiency” mode, we are going to have got 4 refreshment points, just to ensure the confort of the participants.


  1. Authorisation to take the registration number and the biker’s bag for another person.
  2. Authotisation for unaccompanied minors.
  3. Discharge of reponsability, you must read it before doing your registration.
  4. COVID-19 related documentation.



Main Partners

Colaboration Partners


civil protection and emergency management